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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!

Special announcement !!!

Free to the Public

Wednesday Dec 22nd 2021

Elf 2003 from New Line Cinema

Doors Open at 6:00pm

Show starts at 7:00pm

$1.00 Popcorn, $1.00 Cotton Candy

We are having a special free to the public showing and Open House at the Pharaohplex

This Open House Event is sponsored by Pharaohplex Inc. and Cimarron Studios Inc.

Go to our Facebook page to checkout the comments. Thank you to those who helped suggest films.


Special: Don't Miss

Who’s excited for our upcoming event on December 22nd?! We’ll be accepting donations to Watson’s Children Shelter and you’ll have the opportunity to take a photo with the one and only “Montana Santa”! This Santa was featured in the Melissa Joan Hart Lifetime Movie, Mistletoe in Montana, filmed right here in our home state!

All donations will be brought to Watson’s Children’s Shelter. Here is a list of acceptable donations:
-Local gift cards
-Hand sanitizer
-Clorox Wipes

Can’t wait to see you there!

Catch Mistletoe in Montana this Friday night on Lifetime at 6/7 central


Come and see what has been done to the inside, new uses, new features.

Come check out the spaces to suit your party, event, concert, filming project etc.

Remember to bring your own folding chair, beanbag etc. familystyle !

We have some chairs inside and it will show in #5 theater at the same time. Also free !!!



Food trucks and vendors will be outside and inside the venue for an extra unique event

experience. Any weather, any temperature, it's warm inside.


Here are some of the vendors and public entities scheduled to be onsite.

* The PattieWagon

*Fastcoast Productions

*Fastcoast Film Academy


*MAPS Media Institute

*Corvallis Creative Media

*Stevensville Coding for Kids

* More vendors being added daily !!!








Now Showing

New Movies No Matinees Evening Shows Fri & Sat No Late Shows right now

ELF PG 1hr 37min

--------------- OPEN Wednesday Dec. 22nd for public Event Starts at 6:00PM
Bring your own chair, beanbag etc.
Movie --------------- ----------
Movie --------------- -------------
Movie --------------- -------------

Elf 2003

PG 1hr 37min



Rated PG: for some language and crude humor.

Buddy was a baby in an orphanage who stowed away in Santa's sack and ended up at the North Pole. Later, as an adult human who happened to be raised by elves, Santa allows him to go to New York City to find his birth father, Walter Hobbs. Hobbs, on Santa's naughty list for being a heartless jerk, had no idea that Buddy was even born. Buddy, meanwhile, experiences the delights of New York City (and human culture) as only an elf can. When Walter's relationship with Buddy interferes with his job, he is forced to reevaluate his priorities..

For more info Click Here



ShowTimes also available by calling 961-FILM (3456)

Drive In Pricing

Adults and Students: $6.00 regular $8.00 for 3D showings
Children 10 to 3: $5.00 regular $7.00 for 3D showings __Children 0 to 2: No Charge
Seniors 55 and older: $5.00 regular $7.00 for 3D showings

Major Credit Cards Accepted including Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Note: No Checks Accepted




Our Last showings for the Summer season are Friday and Saturday Aug. 27th & 28th. Thanks for a great season. We are thinking of running older classics at next year's Drive In as they did better for us in 2020 than the "new movies" in 2021 did.

We plan on running the Drive In all summer on a limited Thurs, Fri, Sat schedule. The Drive IN has regular concessions and the famous popcorn you have all been missing. Other Showings and inside special showings to follow as guidelines for indoor events evolve and movie product hopefully becomes available to us.

News Update: Disney has just announced this summer's big family release Jungle Cruise starring Duane Johnson is going to Disney+ and to theaters. We will try and play it if we can as we think it will be fun for the Drive In.

Just as we predicted Paramount has delayed TopGun 2, as well as the rest of their movies. Sony has signed a deal to release their movies on Netflix, Warner Bros are all on HBOmax, Disney is all about Disney+ also they now own 20th Century Fox, Universal is using NBC Peacock, that's pretty much all of them. We may end up playing some older classics at the Drive-In this summer same as last year along with whatever new movies are out that are compatible with the family/drive in crowd. Now you understand the need to change up the old ways of movie going and entertainment.

We anticipate Top Gun 2 will do very well this summer provided the playdate holds.

We have gotten quite a chuckle out of the 10 to 20 different rumors we have heard about the Pharaohplex and our remodeling. We have heard that it will become a strip club, a casino, a marajuana storage facility, that Kevin Costner had bought it and was going to live there, GSK bought it, the Chinese mafia had bought it and a many more that were really rediculous. It is just like middle school all over again!!

We can give a few details with more to come as they become available. We still have the DriveIN as well as some theaters unchanged. We are flattening the floors in some spaces and adding access doors to improve the venue's ability to host unique events and showings, concerts, film production, community events and storage. We need to be flexable in our use of the facility as 6 screens are just not needed in the future as the movie business has already moved on to mostly at home with some limited in theater consumption.

Here is a short but very concise article that explains the future of movies.

Click Here

We have experienced 10 years of change in society in 1 year's time. Work, entertainment, social life and school have all undergone huge changes. The movie business is no different. We expect to only get 1or 2 new movies per month in the busy seasons and maybe 0 to 1 new movie per month in the Fall and Spring months. As you can see we need to diversify our activities and be flexable. We enjoy talking with all of you when we see you in the store or out and about, your ideas are always make for good discussion.

Click on the Coming Soon tab for upcoming listings!!!

We are trying to figure out how the Pharaohplex can continue to serve the community. We are concentrating on a long term solution that will continue to provide jobs here in the valley and support the local tax base. The area here is undergoing lots of change and growth with new opportunities.

Thank you for support and kind words of encouragement.

Joe and King McLean (Owners)




Joe and King McLean (Owners)