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Note: No 8:45, 9:00, 9:10, 9:15 or 9:20showings on Sunday nights.

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Movie Name
Daily Matinees Early Show

Late Show Except Sundays

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 PG
3:00 7:00 9:00
Woman in Gold PG-13
3:00 6:50 9:10
The Longest Ride PG-13
3:00 6:45 9:15
Furious 7 PG-13
3:00 6:45 9:15
Home in regular 2D PG
3:00 7:00 9:00
Get Hard R
No Matinee ------ 9:10
3:00 6:50 ------


Times in Black are every evening Except no late shows on Sunday Nights.

Times in Blue 3:00 PM Matinees Sat & Sun ONLY

ShowTimes also available by calling 961-FILM (3456)


Adults and Students: $8.50 regular $10.50 for 3D showings
Children 10 to 3: $6.00 regular $8.00 for 3D showings __Children 0 to 2: No Charge
Seniors 55 and older: $6.00 regular $8.00 for 3D showings

Matinees $6.00 regular 2D. $8.00 for 3D showings all seats

Note: No Checks or Credit Cards Accepted: We do have an ATM inside.





Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


MPAA Rating PG for some violence

Length: 1hr 34 min


After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college. But safety never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers.


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Woman in Gold


MPAA Rating PG-13 for some thematic elements and brief strong language.

Length: 1hr 49 min


Maria Altman sought to regain a world famous painting of her aunt plundered by the Nazis during World War II. She did so not just to regain what was rightfully hers, but also to obtain some measure of justice for the death, destruction, and massive art theft perpetrated by the Nazis.


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The Longest Ride


MPAA Rating PG-13 for some sexuality, partial nudity, and some war and sports action

Length: 2hrs 8min

Romance/ Drama

Starring Clint Eastwood's son Scott Eastwood !!

Based on the bestselling novel by master storyteller Nicholas Sparks, THE LONGEST RIDE centers on the star-crossed love affair between Luke, a former champion bull rider looking to make a comeback, and Sophia, a college student who is about to embark upon her dream job in New York City's art world. As conflicting paths and ideals test their relationship, Sophia and Luke make an unexpected and fateful connection with Ira, whose memories of his own decades-long romance with his beloved wife deeply inspire the young couple. Spanning generations and two intertwining love stories, THE LONGEST RIDE explores the challenges and infinite rewards of enduring lov

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Furious 7


MPAA Rating PG-13 for prolonged frenetic sequences of violence, action and mayhem, suggestive content and brief strong language

Length: 2hrs 17min


Dominic Torretto and his crew thought they left the criminal mercenary life behind. They defeated an international terrorist named Owen Shaw and went their seperate ways. But now, Shaw's brother, Deckard Shaw is out killing the crew one by one for revenge. Worse, a Somalian terrorist called Jakarde, and a shady government official called "Mr. Nobody" are both competing to steal a computer terrorism program called God's Eye, that can turn any technological device into a weapon. Torretto must reconvene with his team to stop Shaw and retrieve the God's Eye program while caught in a power struggle between terrorist and the United States government.


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MPAA Rating PG for mild action and some rude humor

Length: 1hr 34min

Animation/ Comedy

When Oh, a loveable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own. Through a series of comic adventures with Tip, Oh comes to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human. And while he changes her planet and she changes his world, they discover the true meaning of the word HOME


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Get Hard


MPAA Rating R for pervasive crude and sexual content and language, some graphic nudity, and drug material

Length: 1hr 40min


When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.


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MPAA Rating PG for mild thematic elements

Length: 1hr 52min

Family/ Adventure

A live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale about a servant step-daughter who wins the heart of a prince.


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