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Here is the info for the Special Costume Contest 3D Showing of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Ok, so Disney says that all shows can start on Thursday Dec 17th at 7:00 PM. That's the earliest we can show it, so there's no need for a Midnight Show because everyone will have already seen it at 7:00PM.

That being said we will run the Special Costume Show at 7:00PM on the 17th. This is the only showing we will sell in advance. Tickets On Sale NOW. Limited to 115 seats.

We will also be showing it in two theaters in regular 2D on the 17th also at 7:00PM. The 2D shows will be sold the day of just like regular. Get here early for a good seat and get your tickets at the same time. We will not be selling any other showings in advance as you need to be here early to get a good seat and you can get your tickets at the same time. We will be running multiple showings in multiple theaters to handle anticipated crowds.


And Now for the Good Stuff.

The Costume Contest Prizes. We will give away 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place prizes as follows:

1st Place: A really cool Darth Mall like Dual ended replica Light Saber from the good folks at UltraSabers.com ....this one is battery operated Stunt Model w/o sound with the ultra edge in blazing red. (36" each). It separates into to standard Stunt Models and includes 2 pommels and coupler. Here is some pics taken here at the theater. (yes we played with it and yes it's way cool.)




Second Place: A Pharaohplex $50.00 gift certificate

Third and Forth Place: A Pharaohplex $25.00 gift certificate each

All judges decisions final, no substitutions or exchanges.Let's have fun and keep this simple.




Here is where we will post information regarding Special Showings, Midnight Shows and community sponsored events at the Pharaohplex. Check back later.